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Secret Weapons InvisiLifts

$14.95 AUD

Invisilifts Breast Lift Tape are invisible, clear self adhesive miracle workers that lift your breasts up to 5cm to give you the ultimate gravity-defying support!  Invisilifts ensure an invisible breast lift without the need for a bra! Our medical grade adhesive Invisilifts are hypoallergenic, transparent, waterproof and applied to the top of the breast rather than underneath. Just stick on your Invisilifts and you are ready to impress!

Made from high quality, medical grade adhesive sourced from the USA. Invisilifts can be trimmed to size from A cup to D cup, or left whole for maximum breast lift. Suitable for single use only. 

  • x5 per pack
  • Medical Grade adhesive
  • Transparent
  • Tested in Australia
  • Waterproof
  • Two sizes A to D cup & DD-F cup

Application & Demonstration Video