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Rare Rabbit 5mm Round Beads 150cm Necklace in Pink

$15.00 AUD $21.95 AUD

Wear this Rare Rabbit necklace every day and night for semi-formal or casual occasions. It complements any outfit and looks stunning with your most comfy casual gear. 

All Rare Rabbit products have a natural feel and they have no reported irritations.

This beautiful necklace is long, single stranded, eco friendly and has dyed, 5mm round beads. 

Each piece is created with love and care for those like yourself who appreciate quality and beauty. It can only enhance your already striking appearance and it can be worn as a double strand.

Add a pair of rare rabbit earrings to draw the eye to this beautiful necklace for that special occasion.

Or just wear it because it makes you feel good!


Length of necklace: 150cm

Size of beads: 5mm